The 411...

Kim and Jeremy have been together since 2004, and have a combined six children.  Yes, six!  In their free time, you may find them hanging out with the kids, walking their dogs (a pitbull named Doug, and a Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier named Toby), or at a rock concert.  They share the desire to do great things with good people, and together work towards a better life for their family.

Kim is originally from Oregon, but has lived in the valley for 20+ years. She plans to one day write the next great American novel. She enjoys reading, writing, correcting everyone's grammar, 70s rock and 90s grunge, and collecting all the books she can. 

Jeremy is a born and raised Idaho native.  He plays bass for local metal band, Rise of the Fallen.  He enjoys the local music scene, collecting unique vintage items, snowboarding, his bromance with his pitbull, Doug, and slappin' da bass.